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Assistant Specialist Position in California Fire Science Consortium. Open to filled. Initial review date 02/17/2014

Recruitment Period

Open Jan 18, 2014 through Feb 17, 2014
Last review date was February 17th, 2014. Your application may or may not be reviewed by the search committee


The California Fire Science Consortium (CFSC) is a network of fire science researchers, managers, and outreach specialists tasked with improving science outreach and knowledge exchange between researchers, managers, policymakers, and private landowners. This includes increasing communication between fire researchers, managers, policymakers, tribes, landowners, and other stakeholders. Along with a number of other regional consortia across the United States, we have received funding from the US Joint Fire Science Program to pursue fire science outreach and improve communication between fire stakeholders in the state. In addition to hosting a clearinghouse of manager and policymaker-oriented science resources on a website, the CFSC seeks to facilitate face-to-face interactions through regional field trips, workshops, and symposia.

The primary responsibility of this position is to conduct and coordinate the outreach and communication efforts of the CFSC. This includes planning and organizing the various activities of the 5 sub-regional teams of the CFSC (research syntheses, webinars, field tours, etc.) and maintaining the organization’s website (http://cafiresci.org/), monthly newsletter, and social media accounts. The Assistant Specialist will also act as a liaison to the Joint Fire Sciences Program, which funds the CFSC, and lead the CFSC’s compliance with their reporting requirements.

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