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Academic Coordinator II, Deputy Director - Center for Cosmological Physics

Recruitment Period

Open June 13th, 2013 through June 13th, 2014


The Berkeley Center for Cosmological Physics (BCCP) at the University of California, Berkeley, invites applications for the Deputy Director position. The Deputy Director is expected to assist BCCP directors in the development and coordination of a broad array of scientific programs, as well as symposia, tutorial programs aimed at graduate students and postdocs, educational outreach, and visitors programs sponsored by the BCCP. In addition, the Deputy Director will be responsible for establishing a financial and administrative footing for the BCCP that is as strong as its scientific program. Building such a structure will rely on identifying funding opportunities from federal and international agencies, outreach to private and industrial partners (fundraising), and developing grant proposals.

We are especially interested in candidates that can strengthen the core BCCP programs, such as the new Cosmology Data-Science Initiative or the Cross-Campus Interdisciplinary Initiative. Although not required, the ideal candidate would have the experience and demonstrated ability to conduct high-level research and play a leadership role in one of these programs as well. The experimental and observational cosmology programs at Berkeley include supernovae, galaxy clustering, weak lensing and cosmic microwave background, in addition to a broad theoretical cosmology research program. Information on the BCCP's current activities may be found at the BCCP's website: bccp.berkeley.edu. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to interact and work with the broad spectrum of cosmology researchers in the Berkeley Astronomy and Physics Departments, and at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL). The BCCP Cosmology Data-Science Initiative also interacts with the rich data-science environment at UC Berkeley and LBNL, with world-expert researchers in both the computer science and domain science aspects of this emerging field.

Candidate should have obtained Ph.D. or equivalent in physics, astrophysics or a related field before their appointment start date and ideally should have several years of postdoctoral experience. We are looking for individuals with experience in networking and collaborating with a broad range of scientists nationally and internationally, desire to engage with the major foundations, donors, advocacy groups and technical organizations involved in cosmology-related research, and experience in writing and submitting proposals. In addition, we expect the successful candidate to have a broad understanding of ongoing cosmology research, as well as possessing superior communication and interpersonal skills to act as a public spokesperson for the BCCP.

The position is for two years initially, with a possibility of further extension of up to additional three years, subject to a performance review. Further extensions beyond this may be possible subject to availability of funds.

For further inquiries contact BCCP directors Uros Seljak at useljak@berkeley.edu and Saul Perlmutter at saul@lbl.gov. For inquiries of administrative nature, contact Melissa Barclay at mbarclay@berkeley.edu. Salary will be commensurate with experience at a level above a typical postdoctoral salary.

To apply, submit a curriculum vitae, bibliography, and statement of research interests to https://aprecruit.berkeley.edu/apply/JPF00166 by August 30, 2013, however the position will remain open until filled. All letters will be treated as confidential per University of California policy and California state law. Please refer potential referees, including when letters are provided via a third party (i.e., dossier service or career center), to the UC Berkeley statement of confidentiality: http://apo.chance.berkeley.edu/evalltr.html.

UC Berkeley is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer.




3-5 letters of reference required